220px-Vexillology (album)
Released November 6, 2006
Recorded 2006
Length 1:04:47
Label Play Digital
Produced by Joel Zimmerman

Vexilology is the second studio album by Deadmau5 . It was released in 2006 on Play Digital. It is one of his albums that does not have the typical "mau5head" on the album cover, the other being At Play. The album's title references the term for the study of flags and their symbols.

Track listingEdit

1. "1981" 6:45
2. "Bounce" 5:37
3. "Dr. Funkenstein" 7:13
4. "Fustercluck" 4:52
5. "Lai" 7:35
6. "Orca" 8:30
7. "Plus" 7:30
8. "Apply Overnight" 5:12
9. "TL7" 4:27
10. "Trepid" 7:07

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