Meowingtons, also known as Professor Meowingtons, is one of deadmau5's pet cats. He had became a trademark in deadmau5 related media over time, such as the Meowingtons Hax Tour being named after him. He then appeared on the cover for > Album Title Goes Here <, and is the main character in the upcoming animated project, Meowingtons & Mau5.

Meowingtons Trademark Incident

In 2015, Zimmerman attempted to trademark Meowington's name. However, this did not work as there was already a trademark for the name by an online retailer for cat clothing coincidentally called Meowingtons. The site was founded in 2014, so Zimmerman petitioned against it, and explained his pre existing uses.

In 2017, Zimmerman was sued by the retailer for trademark infringement and unfair competition. The owner claimed that she did not name the site after his cat. On May 15th, Zimmerman had filed a countersuit against the owner with intentions to take down her domain and website.


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